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accomplishment-density-headerIf Density = Mass over Volume...then Accomplishment Density = Accomplishments over Activity. 

When we pile up multiple things we like to do at the same time into one activity, I call that an activity that has a lot of accomplishment density. If you’re wired like me, you’ll want to get more accomplishment density into your daily #33minutes.

As I mentioned yesterday, my newest idea for effectively multitasking is to pair creative thinking with exercise. Another one of my tried and true methods for multitasking during my #33minutes is to use it for catch up calls so we can
"walk and talk." This is a perfect time to plan to connect with a friend or family member during my workout and theirs.

My mom lives 3,000 miles and three time zones away. But we support each other even when we’re not doing our walks at the same time by leaving each other a long (3-5 min) message while walking where we can catch the other person up on our thoughts or something we read. We never have enough time to share all the things we find interesting in the world, so this is a nice way to connect. I can listen to her message while I do my walk, she can listen to mine while she does hers.

How about that loved one you dedicated your workout to last week? Most of the time, cancer treatment and recovery is time consuming, weakening, and boring. If you can’t meet them in person, try video chatting with your friend to help pass their time while their cooped up in a hospital or at home.

Start a #33minutes walking group or just grab your phone and go down the list of friends you’ve been meaning to call. Chances are, they’ll love the idea and you can set up a regular schedule to connect for a shared accomplishment density experience!

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