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For most kids, playing super hero is a part of their daily routine, much like practicing their alphabet or running around outside with friends. But for Action Movie Kid, playing super hero isn't just a game. It's an entire production thanks to his Action Movie Dad. 

Daniel Hashimoto is a Dreams Work animator who has spent the last year turning his toddler's elaborate playtime adventures into short films complete with special effects, dramatic music and crazy plot twists. 

Hashimoto teamed up with YouTube's Field Day to release the latest and greatest Action Movie Kid adventure. The new video welcomes another superhero into the family, 6-month old Sophia, as well as a new villain. Brian Baumgartner, best known for his role in The Office as Kevin Malone, plays the evil leader of Alpha Tots Academy that wants to kidnap the super kids and steal their powers. 

You can watch the short film in its entirety below and check out the rest of the Action Movie Kid on their YouTube page

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