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activity-trackers-which-one-will-track-you-headerNo doubt the activity trackers enhance your workout

But which one is the best fit for your needs? Check out my reviews and raves about the top six activity trackers as seen on FOX TV Chicago.  

Are you wanting to take your workouts to the next level? It's not all about maxing out during weight training or pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion on the treadmill.

The best thing you can do for enhancing your workout is to track your fitness goals through wearable technology. Investing in a quality fitness tracker that is right for you can dramatically make a difference in achieving your fitness goals. 

Top 6 Hottest Fitness Trackers


1. Nike Fuelband: The leading veteran in fit bands. Clean, sleek design that lends itself to the male population or strong female. Allows you to receive immediate feedback and information from your workout. Bluetooth and smart phone integration but just touch the button to know wether you've hit your goal. Fuel counts as any movement.

2. Fitbit:
 Another industry veteran entering the market in 2009 with tracking devices and now integration of your scale with wifi. The most fashionable way to track steps, sleep, distance, calories burned, and active minutes. People like the flexibility of wristband or clip on styles and Fitbit offers amazing corporate wellness integration for companions to track teams as well as individuals. Designer Tory Burch joined the tracking trend with a stylish new Fitbit Flex accessories band line.

3. Polar Loop:
 Polar is the name that synergies 
heart rate and those who want to know their numbers will love the Polar Loop. A soft, bright blue, comfortable chest strap can be worn to integrate heart rate immediately with the Loop tracker giving it the edge in relating fitness and health up to the minute. This information can be used for helping understand sleep patterns, work stress and how to maximize your workout.

4. Garmin VivoFit:
 Simple and functional fitness band with a battery instead of charging daily - a key feature. Battery life is up to two years. Easy-to-read and black basic band and information.

4. MisFit Shine:
 This tracker makes the athletic female fashionista happy! This coin-sized wearable activity tracker comes in elegant jewelry pieces to make your workout more stylish, with leather bands, lockets and small lights as you move. Water resistant and works with your smart phone to see activity... once all the diamonds are lit, you've hit your goals for the day!

5. Jawbone Up:
 Invest in this band to track your activity and nutrition with the help from the personalized app included with the product. It will track your progress as well as offer adjustments to make the most out of your workouts and diet. As a newer player on the market, the wrap around design is comfortable and as accurate as others in this class. Funky bright colors and easy plug ins make this a great choice as well. 

These trusted fitness-focused bands will not only keep you focused on achieving your fitness and health goals. Activity trackers come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose one most compatible with your lifestyle.

For example, if you find satisfaction in receiving the immediate results of your physical activity, the Nike Fuel band is best for you. If you are more tech savvy, consider any of the other fit bands that allow you to sync your results via the tracking apps provided!

Keep moving and make every step count!  

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