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add_medsAlternative Treatments for ADD in Adults

Approximately five percent of the world's population is affected by and receives treatment for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Thirty to fifty percent are adults that were diagnosed as children. Thirty-five percent of adults who have children that suffer from ADD also have the disorder.

Attention Deficit Treatments New on the Market

From childhood to adulthood, juvenile symptoms usually dissipate and take on more "sophisticated" forms, but many of the symptoms will remain the same. In adults, enduring patterns of limited attention span, impulsiveness, and restlessness, interfere with their home-life and job performance, and the ability to concentrate on educational endeavors.

There are various old and new medications for ADD on the market used to treat this relatively newly researched disease, but most are harmful drugs that can have lasting, negative side affects, and even the potential for abuse of these prescriptions.

A new ADD medication was created by a Swedish, privately owned company named Växa International over eight years ago. It is a non-toxic, doctor-formulated attention support aid named "Attend", and is reported to have a seventy-percent success rate in treating adults with ADD.

Its homeopathic ingredients are specifically blended to support the central nervous system's functions in persons who exhibit symptoms of ADD. Most importantly, it helps the individual focus their attention and improve concentration on their tasks at hand. With this ability to focus on daily activities, stress levels and frustration are reduced as well.

Among the myriad of newer medications used to treat adults with ADD, there are no stimulants in Attend. It is safe with no side effects or harsh chemicals that are usually found in well-known pharmaceuticals. Its is reported that results and effectiveness can be seen in as little as several days.

Since May 1, 2010, Attend mini was released by Växa, providing a smaller capsule for those who may have difficulty swallowing regular or large sized pills. Attend is the only aid on the market made with natural ingredients and no side-effects.

If you are an individual who prefers not to ingest any medication at all, there are other forms of treatment for adults with ADD. Various lifestyle changes can be made without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Alternative Treatments for Attention Deficit in Adults

A person's diet, for example, can be modified, and can not only lessen the symptoms of ADD, but many other illnesses as well. By diminishing your intake of sugars and artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavorings, and food colorings, and replacing them with high protein foods loaded with nutrients, ADD symptoms in adults can be treated naturally.

Engaging in outdoor activity for at least 30 minutes a day in a natural setting is reported to boost a person's mood extensively. The output of energy from outdoor activity such as talking a scenic walk, playing volleyball at the beach, or running a marathon will allow a person to focus their mind on the task they are engaged in. Doing this enough times will become a habit, and the pattern of focus will permeate other aspects and activities of life.

Instead of risking greater difficulties and illnesses down the line as a result of taking stimulants and harsh chemicals to treat your ADD symptoms, try a natural approach. Homeopathic remedies, modifying your diet, or focusing energy on exercise can work wonders in treating adults with ADD.

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