How-To-Add-Personality-To-Your-Middle-Schooler-Uniform-8When it comes to clothes and tweens, it’s all about the look. So when it’s time to wear a uniform, the lack of individuality can seem like the end of the world. Help them show their personality with unique touches for their uniform that will take them from an eye-rolling pre-teen to a smiling student.


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Keep your pre-teen warm and stylish with eye-catching legwear. From tights, leg warmers to leggings, prints and colors will let you daughter show her personal style without sacrificing the uniform’s look. A school appropriate suggestion is a colorful pair of printed tights. They will be a colorful and unique touch to a black and white uniform that will soon be your pre-teen’s favorite. 


Accessories are where the true individuality begins. Certain schools are strict when it comes to jewelry and accessories, so double check before you buy. 

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Pre-Teens love jewelry and accessories that evoke their personality, so the more, the better. For your fashionista daughter who wants to amp up her uniform, opt for small jewelry pieces in distinctive shapes. The small size won’t cause a distraction in class, but the unique style will make your daughter feel like an individual.

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Personalized accessories also do the trick. Opt for a monogrammed paracord bracelet in your child’s favorite colors. It's a great option for boys who want to spruce up the typical uniform. Also, they’re made from parachute cord that is almost indestructible. A double win! 


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Comfy shoes are a must, but let your middle schooler have some fun with an emphasis on style! Closed toes are often a requirement for many schools, but that doesn’t mean there has to be a lack of creative shoewear. For your young Anna Wintour or David Beckham, buy them a pair of metallic kicks to amp up their outfit. 


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What we consider an average, everyday piece of clothing can be the ultimate accessory for your middle schooler. Bright colors, prints, and funky textures are all welcomed on the feet of uniformed students. A trend for both male and females, a couple pairs of groovy socks will be a little touch of individuality that affects in a big way.

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