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adding-fiber-may-be-better-than-dietingA new study released from the Annals of Internal Medicine notes that changing one thing in your diet may more likely lead to success in losing weight than changing many components of your daily life.  

The study was comprised of 240 adults with metabolic syndrome in Worcester, Massachusetts who were asked for one year to engage in one of two diets. Although both groups lost weight, it seems that adding more fiber versus following a regimented diet plan yielded similar results.  

Just Add Fiber To Lose Weight

The most interesting part of the study was the conclusion:

The more complex AHA diet may result in up to 1.7 kg more weight loss; however, a simplified approach to weight reduction emphasizing only increased fiber intake may be a reasonable alternative for people with difficulty adhering to a more complicated diet regimen.

With this information in mind, it may be wise for people who need to lose weight to concentrate on just one change at a time. With most Americans not meeting the recommendations of 25-35 grams of fiber per day, adding in more fruits and vegetables could be one way to increase fiber intake as well as looking for fiber in whole grains like oatmeal. Another way to get more fiber is to add Psyllium, a bulk-forming fiber laxative, to your diet.  Many over-the-counter products include this as a main ingredient.

If you change your diet, you will still need to keep on the move. Everyone can have life-long, healthy benefits from daily exercise. Keep in mind that thirty minutes is the minimum amount of exercise you need and a brisk walk is the perfect exercise on the go that anyone can do.

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