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After hearing the pitter-patter of little footsteps in their attic, a Chicagoland resident thought that a family of squirrels had invaded their home. However when local wildlife control specialist Adam Ring showed up on the scene, he discovered that it wasn't squirrels in the attic, but a mama raccoon and three of her babies- one of which happened to be albino.  

"I was excited," Ring told the Chicago Tribune. "I've known, just based on my industry research and experience, that they're very, very rare."

Very rare is to say the least. Typically only one albino raccoon is born in every half million births.  

albino-raccoon-1Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune

Ring was able to safely lure the raccoon family out of their attic and transport them to a veterinarian, where they'll stay for six weeks or so. After their rehabilitation the family will be released back into the wild. The albino raccoon will likely be released in a forrest preserve where it can be monitored, as its cream colored fur makes it an easy target for predators. 

The little raccoon's unique coloring has also inspired it's name. Ring's daughter named the raccoon Elsa after Frozen's icy blond queen.

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