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Adult Movies for Women are Here

Adult movies for females come in several categories including porn movies for couples, lesbian films with girl-on-girl action and instructional sex movies as well as "how tos" on things such as oral sex. This exciting new model is all about adult movies for women with stories that couples could even watch together. Look out guys, you'll be fighting her for the best seat in front of the TV. This is porn from a lady's point of view and chances are you may just enjoy it too.  Certainly you will reap the rewards of that "turned on" woman in your bed after the show is over.

Do women want to watch movies about sex?  Of course they do! The only difference between women's porn is that the scenes are more tastefully created and the films have a basic story line. Let's hear it for a little plot and character development!   Many of the adult movies for women feature women of all shapes and sizes of women as well as different backgrounds offering a more realistic "pornographic" experience.  Adult movies designed for females also tend to feature actresses without implants and most have thrown out the stiletto heels as well. A woman likes real people and real stories as opposed to the male original blue movie with a stereo typical slut image that is a common theme.

So what exactly could be playing at your place tonight? Let's take a look at some popular porn for girls, shall we?

  • Seven Men: This is a movie about one mission, to satisfy PLAYGIRL'S quest for sex gods! Fancy a peek at the handsome young guy-next-door that gets seduced and turned on by being in front of the camera? Me too! Take it up a notch as you watch auditioning blondes, baby-blues and dreamy browns, each sexy, muscular and trim do everything to satisfy your erotic wishes. Sex gods bare all, just to turn you on. It's a wild, fantasy-driven climax!
  • Handyman: An out and out feast of hot male flesh indulging themselves in a little self pleasure. Well...lots then! After all this women's erotic feature film stars TEN straight guys relaxing in front of Tina's one woman production team and getting right down to some seriously explicit DIY sex.
  • Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Anal Sex: The ladies are often too embarrassed to actually ask about this fairly standard sexual act that men seem to salivate over.  In many films it's depicted in a negative way, but that's why Tristan Taormino's masterpiece is such a god send.
One of the main reasons that women like watching porn, although most won't admit it, is to be entertained while they learn new ways of giving and receiving pleasure. They also hope that their male lovers or partner will take note with regard to foreplay and what turns them on.  An introduction to porn and to adult film for women is a significant turning point for many women regarding sex.  That's why porn can be such a great sex teaching tool. There's also the thrill of a little voyeurism too!   On-line or in the back room of the video store, seek and ye shall find!
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