afroista-diy-shampoo-recipeGet natural locks with this easy-to-make shampoo recipe.

From no shampoo to dry shampoo to hydrating shampoo there are a lot of ways to care for your scalp. If you're not quite ready to completely go without shampoo, but wanting to keep things natural, one blogger guru made up her own shampoo recipe that just may be the answer.

Tessa John-Connor, also known as Afroista from her style blog, told the Huffington Post about a secret hair recipe she concocted to keep her locks big and beautiful. The recipe involves mixing two simple ingredients to have your hair feeling fresh, sweet and natural!

  1. Two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. One jug of water

In addition, once a month you can make a mask from bentonite clay, filtered water and apply cider vinegar with a drop of olive oil and marshmallow root powder.

If this simple “haircipe” is the secret behind Tessa's gorgeous strands, we’re willing to take her advice!

What other DIY shampoo remedies do you use?


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