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After School Projects for Teens

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There are More Options for Teens This Summer than Camp, TV and Computer Games

"I'm Bored."  "What else is there to do?"  It may take a little effort on the part of Mom and/or Dad to find the many after school and summer projects for teens that don't involve school or summer camp. During the school year teens spend their whole day in school and many of them don't want an afterschool program that involves doing schoolwork. Most of them will jump at the opportunity to do something a different.  Creating an after school project or a summer project for teens and allowing your teens to participate in a service learning program can help them in their future. How many of us have filled out a job application and have seen the section on volunteer and community activities? What will your kids have to put into that important job application?  Having a good answer to this question can be the difference between getting a job and not getting one. Your teen's use of spare time can become a valuable asset to his or her future.

Your Teen Only Needs a Little Guidance from You to Begin

Community service or service learning after school projects for teens allow teenagers to gain skills while they are taking a break from their homework. In surveys completed by volunteers, over 80% of them report that volunteering helps them to build job skills. Teens have very few opportunities that allow them to gain skills that will actually help them in the real world. Learning how to work with others on a project, learning how to deal with different people, and building confidence are very important skills that can only be learned through practice.

One service based after school projects for teens is volunteer water monitoring. If your community doesn't already have this opportunity set up, you can set it up through the United States Environmental Protection Agency. In this program teens learn the importance of streams, lakes, and wetlands to our overall water quality. They also learn about pollution problems, pollution prevention, and how to clean up problem waterways. These lessons are not learned in a classroom; rather they are learned through the activities that the teens participate in while they are working on this service project.

Teens for Planet Earth is another service based project that can be set up in your community if there isn't already one that you can join. They have projects under four categories that you can choose from. Animal projects are further divided into sub-projects involving birds, insects, fish and reptiles, and mammals. The water projects are divided into three sub-projects: pollution, drought, and water animals. Habitat projects for teens offer opportunities in the sub-project categories of farming and gardening, the great outdoors, and the ever-changing landscape. Last the community education project allows teens to choose from the creative writing and theater, school community, and spreading the word sub-projects. Once the project and sub-project category is chosen, Teens for Plant Earth gives you specific information in setting up your service learning project.

After school programs that focus on community based or service learning projects for teens offer many benefits to teens that will last throughout their lives. These programs have after school projects for teens that a teenager can be excited about. More importantly these programs offer projects that teens want to do so they end up wanting to go to their after school programs. Service learning after school programs is one area that parents and teens can agree on.

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