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ptr-alfy-125sqAlfy is a free website that provides arcade, action, classic, puzzles and many other kinds of games over the Internet as well as tons of many other appropriate activities including educational activities like mind games, math exercises, word searches and spelling exercises. There is even an option to make your own quizzes and games customizing the learning or entertainment experience. Also there is a very easy to use section where kids can ask questions on anything from homework questions to personal questions. This is a great help for them to exchange knowledge and learn how to use these online tools in a constructive manner. Visit Website


Not only online activities rule here at Alfy.com, there are also many great ideas for arts, crafts and other kitchen table or desk activities for kids, making this section great for teachers, child care workers or parents.

Womensforum Partner: Alfy.com joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 7/2007.

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