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Memorial Day Matrimony!

It was a joyous three-day weekend for Newsroom actress, Alison Pill. The 29-year-old blonde beauty married her longtime boyfriend Joshua Leonard after a four month long engagement. The adorable couple exchanged vows in front of close friends and family in Los Angeles.

Pill took a fairly untraditional route for her wedding ensemble, wearing a sheer and short yellow dress with red lips and a red flower pin to match. Her classically old-school look was captured on Instagram when she announced the surprising news to her followers.

“We're married!” Pill captioned her newlywed photo, which even featured a vintage tined touch, maintaining her theme.

alison-pill-marries-instagram-1Photo Credit: Instagram

Pill’s new husband Leonard, 39, also shared some of their intimate matrimonial moments on Instagram, including a close-up of the actress’s ring...

alison-pill-marries-instagram-2Photo Credit: Instagram

... and a glimpse of their first dance as husband and wife.

alison-pill-marries-instagram-3Photo Credit: Instagram

The couple announced their engagement shortly after an outdoorsy New Year proposal while hiking in California’s Joshua Tree National Park. Leonard shared about the day, “I told her that I loved her more than anybody on the planet. It was pretty good. Her hands were shaking, and so about 30 seconds after I gave it to her I said, ‘You might want to put that on now.’”

Congratulations to the new couple who seem to be completely and adorably happy together. 

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