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Getting your hair to do what you want it to has been an age old challenge for millions of men and women. Alkaline hair products help control or manage fussy hair. All shampoos contain some form of alkaline, ranging from a small amount for normal hair to a large amount for hair that is hard to manage. The issue is finding the right PH balance shampoo or PH balance conditioner for your specific hair type.

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Alkaline hair products are everywhere. You can find them in drug and grocery stores and sold in salons. While they are fine to use on normal hair, they may be damaging on some hair types such as colored or straightened hair. Alkaline hair products are also for perms and treatments such as relaxation procedures to straighten African American hair.  If you have recently colored your hair, you do not want to use any alkaline hair products as it will take the color out much faster than if you chose an acidic shampoo or conditioner.

For those that frequently get perms to curl their hair, many salons will use alkaline hair products to perm hair that is a challenge to curl. Because these products open up the hair follicle and allow the salon chemicals to enter the hair, they are also used for women seeking a very tight or small curl or in those that find their perm begins to fade away in just a few weeks. The type of shampoo you choose to wash and to maintain the curls in your hair after your perm will determine how long the curls stay in. Alkaline hair products will reopen the hair follicle, allowing the chemicals used to create the curl to escape. Acidic shampoos will keep the follicle closed, allowing the perm to last longer. The same is true for hair color.  

The PH balance in hair products is very important. For healthy hair and scalp, it's essential to match the correct balance to your hair type.  You may think getting a shampoo or conditioner with a high PH balance will help your hair dramatically. In fact, it may do the exact opposite. Some alkaline hair products have a very high PH balance and that can result in causing damage to your scalp.

When your hair develops a fungus growing in the scalp it is from having contact with high PH alkaline hair products.  If you utilize shampoo with low PH balance, you will begin to diffuse any scalp issues such as eczema of the scalp, dandruff and psoriasis of the scalp. It is always a wise idea to consult with your hair stylist before switching any shampoos or conditioners as he or she will know what type of treatments have been used on your hair recently. Tell your stylist what concerns you have regarding the texture or styling of your hair and he or she can recommend the best options.

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