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alleviate-mental-illness-with-service-petsTired of stressing and depressing? Adopting a service dog can help!

Mental illnesses like anxiety and depression can impact one's life and the life of one's family in many ways. Not only can they strain relationships, it can cause someone to feel tense, hopeless, and withdrawn. In order to deal with the side effects, some Americans cope with prescription drugs. Others more interested in living a medication-free life might adopt a service dog.

When You Might Need a Service Dog

  • Depression or anxiety that lasts for more than a week
  • Inability to maintain relationships with friends, family or significant others
  • Heightened or inappropriate feelings within normal circumstances
  • Extreme discomfort when interacting with others

For individuals with mental health impairments, a service dog that provides assistance can bridge the gap between freedom and dependency. According to the National Service Animal Registry, anyone seeking a service dog must obtain a letter of prescription from a mental health professional prior to registration.

Service dogs can provide comfort and security in situations where one might feel out of control or unable to cope. This may include day to day situations like walking groups of people, living alone, or speaking in front of groups.

According to the organization Assistance Dogs International, the best breeds for service are Labradors and Golden Retrievers. These dogs are large enough to pick up items while small enough to fit under tables and on airplanes. These dogs are not protective in a way that could scare strangers and they don't require grooming.

If you believe your quality of life could be improved by adopting a service dog, do it. There are endless online and in-person organizations waiting to help.




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