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am-i-being-abusedAbuse is more than meets the eye. Here are different types of abuse everyone should be aware of. 

Just because you don't walk around with a black eye, doesn't mean you are not a victim. Many domestic violence victims think they are not because there are no visible signs. Yet, those who are abused emotionally often say they would rather be hit.

Here are the four main types of domestic violence and abuse.

4 Types of Abuse

1. Physical Abuse

This is just as it sounds, and varies from punching, hitting, slapping, kicking, smothering, strangling, threatening to use weapons or actually using them, destroying property, throwing things, hurting or killing your pets and denying medical treatment for you. It should be noted that physical abuse will increase the longer you are with your partner.

2. Emotional Abuse

This is a tough one, because many of us who have and are enduring this think it is not abuse because we show no physical signs. But, many who have endured and overcame this have said they would rather be hit. The goal of the emotional abuser is to gain and retain control/power. This type of abuse is that of recurrent put-downs, criticism, blaming you for their behavior, name calling, minimizing the abuse, calling you crazy, threatening, making you afraid, family and friend isolation, extreme jealousy and affair accusations, monitoring who you talk to and where you are at all times.

3. Financial Abuse

Another power tactic of the abuser, this aspect alone makes the abused feel trapped. You may feel you have no say in how money is spent and receive an "allowance." You cannot have your own money. Family assets are hidden while debt is run up and your credit ruined. You may be forced to quit your job.

4. Sexual Abuse

This is the least discussed abuse topic, but still common. Sexual abuse is being forced to have sex, feeling fear if you don't want to, being forced to have sex with others, being forced to engage in demeaning sexual acts, name calling or violence during sex, or denying protection/contraception from pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

If any of the above fits your situation, get out! Talk to a friend. Let's join together to end domestic violence.

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