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ambien-warning-issued-by-fdaIf you are one of us that cannot sleep at night and take a sleep aid, take note.

The FDA is recommending lower doses of Ambien, especially for women. In the future, the FDA is requiring manufacturers to lower the current recommended dosages.

The insomnia products they are referring to are Edluar, Ambien and Zolpimist. All three of these insomnia drugs contain zolpidem, which makes a person drowsy.


The problem is that with the current doses of sleeping pills, the patient often still has high levels of zolpidem the morning after, thereby, compromising the ability to drive and even cognitive skills

Ambien Warning Details

Women especially should have lower doses of Ambien, the FDA says, because the drug is not processed or absorbed as fast as with men. In essence, the FDA is recommending that the regular dose (12.5 milligrams) be cut in half to 6.25 milligrams.

Recent studies have shown that women that take the sleeping pill Ambien had significant amounts of the drug still in them the next day, impairing driving and affecting thinking skills. For the immediate-release pills, the FDA is recommending cutting the Ambien dose from 10 milligrams to five milligrams.

The change in dosages comes to light after an alarming number of "sleep driving" incidents and car crashes, including the ex-wife of Gov. Cuomo, who was charged with driving while impaired when she swerved into a large truck. After swerving around the freeway, Kerry Kennedy, daughter of the late Robert Kennedy, was found five miles from the accident scene, slumped over her steering wheel.

Doctors have also been put on notice as to whether insomnia medication is appropriate for every patient, encouraging the doctors to look into alternative remedies for those patients in question.

Why Can't I Sleep?

  • Many peri-menopausal and menopausal women report sleeping troubles, and this has to do with hormones. Pre-menstrual women suffer from sleep deprivation as well, and many report that when they do enter their monthly cycles, they can sleep again.
  • If you drink caffeinated beverages or alcohol, that will compromise your sleep schedule. You may feel sleepy after drinking alcoholic beverages, but the fact is that your sleep will be disturbed.
  • Stress, stress, stress can cause insomnia. And we think it's pretty safe to say that we all have experienced stress.
  • Women that cover the night shift get sleep schedules off. It is difficult for many to sleep during the day when other responsibilities are more prevalent.

Natural Ways to Deal with Insomnia

  • Valerian, Passionflower and Hops: All three are natural sedatives. Hops is the hops that is used to make beer. You can add hops to tea or sleep on a pillow with hops.
  • If noise is the problem, consider earplugs. If you sleep during the day, consider a mask to keep the light out.
  • Consider yoga, meditation, or flat out exercise. Enough said.
  • Watch your alcohol and caffeine intake. Instead, choose an herbal tea, such as chamomile.

Do you have trouble sleeping? What works for you? We'd like to know on Twitter or Facebook!

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