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Home Entertainment Movies & TV "American Idol" Cancelled After 15 Seasons

"American Idol" Cancelled After 15 Seasons

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american-idol-cancelledPhoto Credit: Fox

It's official. American Idol will soon join the reality TV show graveyard. Fox announced this morning that the show's upcoming season will be its last. 

It doesn't come as a complete shock as Idol's ratings have been steadily dropping since its season six finale that reached 36 million viewers. Despite the many changes the show made to attract new viewers, this season's ratings have been especially poor. One episode of which hit an all-time series low of only 11.6 million viewers. 

Although we'll be sad to see the show go, we're thankful for all the iconic moments it added to pop culture history. So instead of shedding a tear, we're going to take a moment to remember the crazy awful auditions, Hollywood week drama and winning moments that Idol brought into our lives.  

Scooter Girl

Scooter girl started our absolute favorite Idol tradition - ridiculous auditions. Nicole Tieri, rode a scooter in front of Randy, Paula and Simon, sang about it and still got a ticket to Hollywood. Scooter girl may not have won the competition, but she won our hearts. 

Fantasia Wins...And Breaks Her Shoe

We can't imagine what goes through most Idol winner's mind when they hear their name announced, but we definitely know what Fantasia was thinking about...her broken shoe. 

Vote For The Worst


Photo Credit: Fox

By season six of American Idol, any and all fans of the show had heard of the infamous website "Vote For The Worst." The users on the website did exactly what the site's name implied, and voted for the Idol contestant that they deemed the worst. Although the show's producers denied that Vote For The Worst supporters has any major impact on the votes, many blame them for getting season six contestant Sanjaya Malakar to the top seven. 

William Hung

One of American Idol's most successful contestants never even made it past the audition round. William Hung's performance of "She Bangs" didn't get him to Hollywood week, but it did get him his 15 minutes of fame, a cult following and a record contract. 

Kelly Clarkson's Winning Moment 

Even 12 years after the fact, Kelly Clarkson's performance of "A Moment Like This" is still a reminder that she's truly deserving of her "Idol" title. 

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