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Is there anything more hilarious than watching a child eat something they never heard of before? 

After a recent New York Times article highlighted what kids eat for breakfast across the globe, the people at Cut and Kitchenbowl decided to let American kids taste test some of the morning meals and record their reactions. The resulting video features some cute and hilarious critiques, and even some pleasant surprises. A few of the kids really liked their breakfast from Vietnam!

Although kids aren't typically known for their adventurous palates, the kids tried food from Brazil, Finland, Poland, Vietnam, Korea and The Netherlands. They got a taste of some global breakfast staples such as Kimchi, coffee, Century Egg, Hagelslag and more.

Check out their hilarious reactions in the video below.

How would your kids react to giving up their sugary cereals and frozen waffles? Would they try one of these breakfast dishes from a different country?

Photo Credit: YouTube

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