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american-men-living-longerAmerican Men are Closing the Longevity Gap!

Yes, ladies, it's true.  Men have added five years to their life spans since 1989..  Now this could be a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how you feel about your man. Meanwhile, women have added nearly three years to life expectancy.  This, of course, shouldn't surprise us because we have always known we are the stronger of the sexes.  As my daughter says, "Girls rule, boys drool."  And I have always told her, "Anything a boy can do a girl can do better."  Seriously, the men are catching up with us when it comes to life expectancy.  Originally, we averaged about a seven-year-longer life than our testosterone-filled counterparts.  But now, the gap between men's life expectancy and women's life expectancy has narrowed to roughly five years.

Men Living Longer

The average life span of an American man is now 76 years, compared to a women's 81 years.  So how in the world did this happen?  Perhaps all the health warnings and pleas to take care of ourselves are paying off for them.  And in fact, they are now not smoking nearly as much, are staying in a more healthy weight range and are more vigilant about their cholesterol readings and high blood pressure.  American men are paying more attention to their heart health than in past decades.

Life Expectancy of Men

It should be noted that even though our American guys are making strides in living longer, both American men and women are not living as long as others in the developed countries of the world. 
  • Japan has us beat on life expectancy for a child born this year.  Their children's life expectancies are to live to 83 years old, as opposed to ours of nearly 79 years. 
  • Switzerland and Spain also have a few years on us, with 82 years and 81 years respectively.

And according to research, where we live in the United States seems to have a pull on how long we can go until we bite the dust. 

  • Men who live near San Francisco generally live the longest at 81 years. 
  • And the boys in New York City have increased their life expectancy by almost 14 years. It is speculated that our Big Apple dudes have made healthier lifestyle choices, and that New York has made great strides in getting people to quit smoking, banning it in cabs, restrooms, bars, parks and even beaches.  New York also banned trans fats that are artificial from restaurants, and required them to reveal the calorie counts on their menus. 

Put simply, being overweight and smoking like a chimney is no longer cool, but exercising and eating healthily is in style. Will men catch up with us when it comes to life expectancy?  It is possible because women and heart disease is prevalent and difficult to catch early on.  The American Heart Association feels it has fallen short in heart health education for women and is taking steps to educate us more effectively.  Ladies, we need to be more conscientious about our health!  With the observation that an American man's life expectancy has increased, the only way men would not catch up with us is because they tend to be killed in more car accidents than us ( the better drivers),  and seem to die more from heart complications.

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