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AMERICAn-teens-are-exercising-moreA new study released may actually have some good news. American teens are finally watching less television and exercising more.

The study of nearly 35,000 tweens and teens aged 11 to 16 showed they were exercising for an hour or more 4.53 days per week, up from 4.33 in 2005. Additionally noted was the decrease in watching television since 2001.

However, teens are still not getting the recommended minutes of exercise weekly nor is our adult population. Only 20% of United States adults are gettting the 150 minutes of exercise weekly according to the CDC.

Why Are Our Kids Still Fat?


The BMI (body mass index) also decreased, which is a sign of smaller waistlines. This could be due to the increase in eating more fruits and vegetables as well as drinking 20% fewer sugary beverages also released in the study.

But the real question is, why are we still seeing increases in obesity. Is it that the rate, although still increasing, is just going up slower? Our children and young adults are not required physical education in every state except Illinois during school due to lack of funds. And even in Chicago, recess is counted for physical education since teacher funding isn’t available.

Recently, speaking with Dr. David Katz of Princeton University and author of the new book “Disease Proof,” there are many factors that are contributing to the childhood obesity problem. Michelle Obama is laying on one more sandbag to stop the flood of this obesity epidemic with her Let’s Move campaign and each of us needs to help with those sandbags.

What can you do to help stop childhood obesity? Can you make a difference?

For more on health and wellness, check out Andrea Metcalf.

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