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americas-best-and-worst-airports-for-delaysNobody Likes Delays. We've Got a List of the Worst Airports for Delays!

Hate delays? Then you might want to pay attention to recent data released by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics about the best and worst delay airports. They ranked the 29 biggest airports in order from most on-time flights to least, documenting the worst airports for delays.

Airport delays are pretty much unavoidable, but this data helps in weeding out which airports to avoid. According to the 2011 data, New Jersey’s Newark Liberty airport had the worst airport delays, and things haven’t improved much. They ranked dead last in the 2012 list as well.

American Airports with the Best and Worst Time Performance

Top Five Airports

  • Salt Lake City: 89.72 on-time flights
  • Charlotte, N.C.: 87.54 on-time flights
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul: 87.14 on-time flights
  • Phoenix: 86.85 on-time flights
  • Las Vegas: 86.67 on-time flights

Worst 5 Airports for Delays

  • Newark, N.J.: 70.61 on-time flights
  • San Francisco: 73.35 on-time flights
  • Houston: 79.70 on-time flights
  • New York, LaGuardia: 80.32 on-time flights
  • Washington Dulles: 81.02 on-time flights

Airport Delay Statistics

The above data for the best and worst airports for delays is based just on the first half of 2012. According to 2011 data, despite being the U.S.’s 14st busiest airport, 40 of the 100 flights were delayed, making it the airport with the most delays.

The Associated Press says that these statistics show that America is on pace to have their most punctual flight year, which is all good news. Last year, numbers of late departures and arrivals were increasing and the number of flights were decreasing due to the higher oil prices.

In 2011, the most delayed flight was Delta Flight 2742, which is from Newark to Atlanta and was late an astonishing 60 percent of the time. The average wait time was 1 hour and 23 minutes. Delta Flight 2842 was the second most delayed flight and was late half of the time with an average delay of 1 hour and 19 minutes.

How Do I Avoid Delays?

Many want to avoid delays, but don’t completely understand why delays happen in the first place. To best avoid delays, it’s essential to know that airport weather delays typically aren’t the culprit. It’s air traffic at peak times that makes for sitting on the runway.

The problem is scheduling. A runway can only handle so many planes taking off at one time and sometimes, airports can get a little unrealistic. Of course, even a small jet takes up a chunk of space in the sky, so even for experienced travelers, delays are somewhat inevitable.

However, there are steps you can take to avoid delays. The best way to go about it is to get up bright and early and take the first flight. Also use this data to arrange the best choices of departure and arrival airports. 

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