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There are nifty comfort foods for all fifty states!

From pizzas to pies to scrapple (oh, you'll find out in a sec!), each state in the U.S. has an unofficial comfort food. So whether you haven’t tried what your state has to offer or if you’re visiting another, you must try it’s comfort food. Why not add trying each state's comfort food on your bucket list? From A to W (because there are no states that begin with X, Y, or Z) here is the list of comfort foods for each state. 

50 American Comfort Foods

Thrillist compiled the list that has some obvious picks and others that may make you raise an eyebrow. llinois’ deep-dish pizza is a given just like South Carolina’s savory shrimp and grits or Pennsylvania’s cheesesteak. But who knew New Hampshire with over 30 orchards has apple crisp as a comfort food? Or that Oregon’s marionberry pie is a comfort food. OR that Utah’s funeral potatoes made of hash browns, cheese, butter, onions, cream soup, potato chips, and corn flakes is a comfort food. 

Check out comfort foods for each state and see if you agree with what's been picked for yours! 

  1. Alabama: Pecan Pie
  2. Alaska: King Crab Legs
  3. Arizona: Chimichanga
  4. Arkansas: Cheese Dip
  5. California: Fish Tacos
  6. Colorado: Breakfast Burrito
  7. Connecticut: Steamed Burger
  8. Delaware: Scrapple (A Delaware staple mix of pork, cornmeal, and flour.)
  9. Florida: Key Lime Pie
  10. Georgia: Peach Cobbler
  11. Hawaii: Loco Moco (A popular dish you can find anywhere in Hawaii made of white rice, hamburger patties, fried eggs and brown gravy.)
  12. Idaho: Fries with Fry Sauce (A sauce made of ketchup and mayo.)
  13. Illinois: Deep-dish Pizza

  14. Indiana: Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
  15. Iowa: Loose Meat Sandwich (An Iowa staple of unformed meat patties between two piece of burger buns.)
  16. Kansas: Smoked Sausages
  17. Kentucky: Hot Brown (This open-faced turkey sandwich with bacon, and Mornay sauce was invented in Kentucky in the year 1926.)
  18. Louisiana: Gumbo
  19. Maine: Lobster Roll
  20. Maryland: Crab Cake
  21. Massachussetts: New England Clam Chowder
  22. Michigan: Coney Dog
  23. Minnesota: Juicy Lucy (A burger with a cheesy center.)
  24. Mississippi: Mississippi Mud Pie
  25. Missouri: Toasted Ravioli

  26. Montana: Meat Pasty (A meat pie.)
  27. Nebraska: Cheese Frenchee (An American grilled cheese coated in egg wash and corn flakes then deep fried.)
  28. Nevada: Buffet Food
  29. New Hampshire: Apple Crisp
  30. New Jersey: Taylor Ham Sandwich
  31. New Mexico: Green Chile Stew
  32. New York: Buffalo Wings
  33. North Carolina: BBQ Pork Sandwich
  34. North Dakota: Kuchen (A German cake and the state dessert for South Dakota!)
  35. Ohio: Pierogi (A Polish dumpling.)
  36. Oklahoma: Chicken-fried Steak
  37. Oregon: Marionberry Pie
  38. Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak
  39. Rhode Island: Johnny Cakes
  40. South Carolina: Shrimp and Grits
  41. South Dakota: Frybread Tacos (Tacos with Navajo frybread instead of other shells.)
  42. Tennessee: Nashville Hot Chicken
  43. Texas: BBQ Brisket
  44. Utah: Funeral Potatoes
  45. Vermont: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
  46. Virginia: Country Ham Biscuits
  47. Washington: Cedar Plan Salmon
  48. West Virginia: Pepperoni Roll
  49. Wisconsin: Fried Cheese Curds
  50. Wyoming: Beef Jerky

Where is your next stop?!

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