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amy_and_jaras_biographyMoms are famous for following their to-do lists, but it doesn’t do much good when they don’t have everything on there that needs to be ticked off! Amy Nebens and Jara Negrin of PoshMom.com know what it’s like to be overextended and harried by motherhood, but they also know how to get out of the trenches and get organized!

Their book “Living the Posh Mom Life” showed moms that “posh” does not mean perfect but actually means “put together”—and not just on the outside but on the ever important inside as well. 

About The List

Now they bring you The List, which provides the must-know info, from lifestyle to life-saving, in order to keep details both big and small from going unknown and unnoticed. They'll keep you at the top of your game, whether that game is caring for the kiddies or caring for yourself!

Each blog post has information for moms to ensure that every step of the way they know what to do, what to ask, how to ask, what to know, what to have, what to buy, where to shop, what to keep, what to say, and they will leave no notion uncovered.

Benefits of The List

Time-deprived savvy moms don’t have the hours or energy to plow through paragraph upon paragraph to find quick answers and ideas. In their case, too much information can be a bad thing. As moms are prime candidates for being overwhelmed, The List helps them quickly organize and accomplish.

The List Topics of Discussion

The List speaks to their instant gratification reference need with lists like: Top Ten Possible Carpooler Interview Question, Tips to Make Back to School a Breeze Instead of a Nightmare, Five Methods to Have Sex with Your Mate Without Getting Caught by Young Spies, How to Talk to the Kids About Stranger Safety Without Scaring Them, The Best Brain-Enriching Foods for Kids (or for moms’ post-pregnancy memories!), Ten Foods that Should be Consumed Organic Only and Ten that Do Not Need to be Organic, Information You Never Knew the Babysitter Must Have.

Some lists are more on the weighty side, others are basics, and still more are fun yet indispensible tid-bits only your best girlfriends would tell you. New moms will find the essentials they are looking for and seasoned moms will be able to hone tips and info they need from each and every blog.

You need to get the job of mothering done and leave some time for yourself every day, so following The List is the way to make certain that gets done and gets done oh so well.

For more information and work by Amy and Jara, please visit PoshMom.com.

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