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When you are a working mom, finding the right balance between working and family can be hard. Amy Hilliard, founder and CEO of the Comfort Cake Company knows how tough this can be, but she has the best of both worlds. Not only is she an entrepreneur, but her kids work for her company! What better way to balance both? There is no better way to balance family and work!

Balancing Her Job and Kids

Her son loves testing her treats! He tests everything before the cakes go to customers. If there is too much flour in a piece of cake, he can point it out right away and Hilliard can make sure the bakery gets it right! Amy Hilliard family

Hilliard’s daughter is the business manager and handles everything from invoicing, taking orders, to running the office. Hilliard says there is nothing better than having your family involved in your business. 

Her kids give any and all opinions about how to improve the business. They also help her with tradeshows and work for the business during summers.

“My kids know that I am always there for them,” she says.

Being an entrepreneur gives her the freedom to be there for anything, even if it’s feeding them chicken soup all day if they are sick!





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