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At a young age, Amy Hilliard, CEO and founder of Comfort Cake, had a knack for business. She worked every weekend as a babysitter and even made her own little business cards by cutting out squared pieces of paper and writing her name and phone number on them, handing them out to all her neighbors. Learn more about her passion for working and how what inspired her can motivate you too!

Amy Hilliard Always Had a Little Businesswoman in Her 

Hilliard was born in Detroit, Michigan and has two children who also are in the business world. She had other business ventures when she was kid, which prepared her for own company, Comfort Cakes.

One of those was making her own perfume! Hilliard would take petals off the roses in her mother’s garden, soak them in water and pour them into little vials. She would sell them for 10 cents. Although her mother wasn’t happy that she was ripping apart her rose garden, Hilliard was making money! 

Hilliard applied to all the best business schools in the country and got into Harvard. She had to wait two years until she could attend so int he meantime, she worked at Bloomingdales. This worked out in her favor as fashion is one of her many passions. 

It’s fair to say that Hilliard was always successful in business, from her days as a kid babysitter to running her own baked goods company.


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