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Amy Hilliard on Starting Her Company

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It was a hard decision for CEO and founder of Comfort Cake, Amy Hilliard, to start a company. But, she was a smart businessperson. She knew she wanted to start a business, but took her time making a business plan and coming up with a trademarked name. That is why she is so successful and happy today! She went back and forth about whether or not she should start a business or continue working for corporate America. Well, we’d say she made the better decision!

Starting Her Own Company

While Hilliard was at a Christmas party, she told her friends and family that she was going to start this pound cake business. She had no idea what to call the business, but she brought her famous cake to the dinner party. As she’s pouring liqueur over her tasty cake, she’s getting ready to see how much people enjoy it! 

People were loving the liqueur and getting a little tipsy, she noticed. And she heard everyone saying, “Wow. This cake is making me really comfortable!” Well, light bulb! Hilliard went home that night and got the trademark started on Comfort Cake. 

It was a difficult decision to decide whether or not to start a business. Hilliard was torn about what to do, so after praying, she finally heard God say, “Take my hand and do Comfort Cake.”

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