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Screen Shot 2018 06 11 at 4.40.54 PM CroppedBefore you hit the road with your family, take the time to put together a survival kit for you and the kids. While driving can help save money, the time behind the wheel can make it tough to stay healthy. All of those pit-stops, high-calorie snacks, and fast-food drive-thrus. We have a collection of ideas to make hitting the road healthier.

A-Apples have 4 grams of fiber and about 95 calories in a medium apple making it a great take-along snack.

B- Blanket. Whether its cold weather for warmth or in hot weather a pillow, a blanket is a something everyone can use.

C- Crackers. Horizon Snack Cheese Sandwich crackers are a treat any kid (no matter the size) will love and a good source of calcium.

D- DVDs. Whether you have a video screen or another device in the car, having a few DVDs on hand can make any breakdown a better experience while waiting for roadside assistance.

E- Electric chargers. From smart phones to personal viewing players, things need to be charged along the route. Make sure you have the right adapters and cords to keep your electronics working.

F- Flashlight. Flashlight or candles with matches to light up the night.

G- Glasses. Sunglasses are essential and readers if you’re in that age group.

H- Helpers. Think bug spray, Band-Aids, and other first-aid items.

I- Ice. Of course in a small cooler! Ice will help with drinks and keep foods cold.

J- Jumper Cables. These should be in the truck at all times- not just during road trips.

K- Keys. Not only should you have a spare key to the care kept on your person (in case you lock a set in the car while away from home), but make sure you have the keys to your destination if needed.

L- License. Don’t forget your driver’s license and identification. It is a good idea to take a picture of your passport or ID and send to a friend, just in case you lose your wallet along the way.

M- Milk. Instead of soda or juices that contain loads of sugar, opt for Horizon Single Serve milk boxes, which are in many flavors that everyone loves including chocolate, strawberry, low-fat, and vanilla.


N- Nuts. Nuts are a great take along snack. Think almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and add a few raisins or popcorn for a nutritious trail mix.

O- Other. Everyone has favorite snacks… just make sure they’re healthy.

P- Pain reliever. Don’t forget the aspirin during a long road trip. Headaches can happen from dehydration and the excitement of traveling together in a car.

Q- Quarters. Keep change on hand for tolls or snack machines.

R- Rags. For unexpected spills and washing small faces. It’s a good idea to keep a diaper cloth or soft towel on hand.

S- Soap. A bar of soap or hand sanitizer is key to staying clean and for any emergency stops like the one below.

T- Toilet Paper. Many roadside restrooms (even natural surroundings) may not have toilet paper on hand for those pit stops. Make sure to have a roll or a box of tissue.

U- Umbrella. When running from car to hotel, be prepared for a rainy day.

V- Vegetables. Cut up veggies are easy to take along like baby carrots or cherry tomatoes.

W- Warm clothing. Bring along a light jacket or sweater because even in the hottest temperatures, between air-conditioning and breezy nights, it can get chilly.

X- Extra batteries. Whether it’s a flashlight, camera or small appliance, spare batteries are key for the glove box.

Y- YELP! – A great app to take along or download before traveling anywhere to check out the best places to eat, stay and visit.

Z- Zip Plastic Bag. Think small bags and big ones to take along small snacks, leftovers or wet clothes to stay organized and clean.

Making good choices when ordering out can be easier if you don’t have to stop along the way. Having those snacks and comfort items are key for a safe, happy road trip to remember.

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