17868-hands-headerGo, team! Every day can seem like a race to the finish line with hurdles popping up where you least expect them. For those of us who find ourselves battling occasional annoyances like messy hair, loose threads or even flaky legs, we have a few McGyver-like solutions you can keep with you at all times. 

17868Everygirl rescue Kit Impressa

Womensforum and Poise® have put together "An Everygirl Rescue Kit for Everyday Obstacles" with all the tools we need to survive!


LIP BALM RESCUE This little pot of wonderful does more than soothe lips. Keep it in your bag to help with your hair too! You can tame those pesky flyaways with a dab of balm. Realize you forgot to moisturize your elbows or that your legs are looking a little dry? Lip balm can bring your skin back to life with a quick rub. Your favorite lip relief can also help you prevent blisters from too-tight or new shoes if you dab a little on the skin where your shoes are rubbing.


HAIR SPRAY RESCUE It's never bad to have this on hand for refreshing your hairdo, but did you know it works on static cling? Mist the hair spray in front of you and walk right into it. The spray doesn't stop there! Say good-bye to those annoying little ink splotches on your manicure with a little hairspray on a cotton ball and a few quick dabs.  


POISE® RESCUE  Have a bit of a leaky bladder? No problem. Don't stress about staying near a restroom or worry about changing your outfit. Just throw a few Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports into your rescue kit and your problem is solved. Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports are a non-absorbent, removable product that helps stop bladder leaks before they happen, making living with LBL easier. Nobody even has to know!  


RUBBER BAND RESCUE The obvious use as a fill-in ponytail holder is a given, but rubber bands are also great for hard-to-open jars and bottles. Loop it around the lid and it works as a grip to open the lid. Are your pants feeling a little too tight? Get a little extra space by looping the rubber band through your button hole and around the button. Lose an earring back? A small piece of rubber band will work in a pinch. Rubber bands are also a great way to avoid your charging wires and earphone cords getting tangled up in the bottom of your purse.


NAIL POLISH RESCUE It's always a good idea to keep your favorite color of nail polish in your rescue kit for little touchups here and there. Of course, that's not the only reason to have it with you! Use the polish to mark your water bottle or plastic cup, so you know which one is yours while at a party. A dab will also tame frayed fabric or stop a torn thread from unraveling. If you have clear polish on hand, a quick layer can prevent costume jewelry from tarnishing your skin.   


DENTAL FLOSS RESCUE Many people stick to floss for an after-meal cleanup of their pearly whites, but this handy spool can do so much more. Don't let the little string fool you! Give it a few extra loops and you can use it like twine. It can work as an impromptu clothesline or help you cut a piece of cake. If your food is sticking to the wrapper, slide a piece of floss in there and watch it work its magic. Dental floss works on sticky pictures and labels, too. 

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