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Andi met her four remaining boys’ families and she sent one of them home!

This week, Andi headed to Wisconsin, Iowa, Florida and Texas to meet the families of her four remaining bachelors. Tonight, she also sent one home. Andi met Nick’s big family, saw Chris’ small, small town, met Josh’s football-obsessed family and experienced a little private strip show from Marcus! Can Andi handle life as a homemaker in Iowa. Can she deal with talking about sports all the time with Josh’s family? Find out!

Bachelorette Hometown Dates

In Nick’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the two partook in a little polka and beer and then were off to meet his big family. Is it too much for her to handle? Nick and his mom get choked up talking about he and Andi. Even though Nick hasn’t admitted he loves Andi to her face, you can tell he does. 


Andi traveled to the town of Arlington, Iowa. With only 758 people in Arlington, can she handle small town life? It was very heartwarming to see Chris’ mom and Andi totally getting along. 

In Tampa, Florida, Andi met Josh’s family. His brother is working on becoming a pro football player and being drafted into the NFL. Is that all they can talk about? Why yes! It was the first thing they talked about before they even ate dinner!

Marcus showed Andi around his hometown of Dallas, Texas and even took her to a club where they drank, got merry and Marcus stripped! His mother was surprised by how open he is with Andi. Surprisingly, she sent Marcus home! Did you see that coming? 

Stay tuned next week for the fantasy suites! How will a night alone without cameras affect these three remaining relationships? 

Photo Credit: ABC

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