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andrea1Hello wonderful, resourceful and inspired women!

I'm a forty something girlfriend with a background in fitness, health, diet and having fun.  My career highlights include mothering three children (all in college as of fall 2011 and they are still alive) and authoring a book, Naked Fitness, A 28 Day Proven Weight Loss Program for a Slimmer, Fitter, Pain-Free Body (Vanguard Press), where I promise to make you laugh, live and lose some weight so you'll be proud to take your clothes off. 

I've also had more than a dozen appearances on the NBC TODAY Show and a featured contributor on Oprah.com. I owned a fitness club for more than 10 years and helped hundreds of people lose weight, get in shape and live better lives.  It is part of who I am and will always have a passion for working with others to feel their best.

A few years back after getting a taste of TV with NBC Chicago and an appearance on the TODAY show, I created, produced and hosted my own TV show, somehow, while still raising three wonderful children, running a fitness studio and corporate wellness programs.  Fit Today led to Living Health Chicago and finally, Better TV, as a regular contributor as a fitness health expert. I was never a journalism major, rather Bachelors of Exercise Science and teaching degree, so I've learned so much by falling down and getting back up again.  It's been a journey to say the least. 

andrea2I currently appear on Good Day Show with Doug Stephen, on radio and web, as well as blog and appear on TV weekly. I wouldn't trade it for a minute!  I recently landed distribution with NBC Nonstop in Chicago for my own TV show called, "What's On? - Chicago" This show promises to be a true ensemble of bringing the health, adventure and things that make life better pulled together by one crazy blonde.  It's a dream coming true and certainly many hours ahead to prepare.

At times, my job seems glamorous being on the road as much as I've been - 62 days the first four months of this year promoting my book and ALIVE multi-vitamins.  In addition, I've been invited to amazing destinations that combine work and pleasure including Australia, France, Costa Rica and soon Mount Kilimanjaro. I will be making the climb up Mt. Kili in Tanzia, Africa with six amazing women whose stories you will be inspired by as they have overcome such challenge, disease and self-discovery.  

What you'll find in my blogs is a true blend of life: from getting a flat belly, healthy happy hour drinks, or decreasing stress in your life to dating rules, recovering from divorce, or, just wonderful people you should meet.  I truly believe that life is what you create and every day can be the first day to start.

I am adventurous, strong, passionate and driven.  I hope to inspire you to become healthier, happier and find out what drives your heart.  Sing your own song and create your own life.  There's nothing bigger than you what you believe you can do.  Just do it... ohh that's someone else's tag link:  Dream is my middle name andreametcalf.

For more work by me, please visit AndreaMetcalf.com.


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