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Jenny Lewis appoints Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway as her music video sidekicks.

Not since Anne Hathaway’s "I Dreamed a Dream" performance in Les Miserables have we seen the actress in a singing venue again…until now. Hathaway along with Brie Larson and Kristen Stewart were casted by Jenny Lewis to star in her new music video, "Just One Of The Guys." Lewis’ upcoming solo album, The Voyager, will feature the new video.

The actresses were featured playing instruments, some light backup singing, and breakdancing in their matching Adidas jumpsuits. The video starts off with the ladies wearing white pantsuits except for Lewis who rocked rainbow-like attire. Stewart begins on the electric guitar and opposite her is Hathaway on the keytar. Whether they are actually playing the instruments (probably not) is unknown.

And just as you start to think the ladies are already out of their normal environments, the video then features the crew in matching Adidas sweat suits, mustaches and short wigs accompanied with mannerisms that seem more fit for a man, hence "just one of the guys."

The artist recently opened to Rolling Stone about her upcoming album. "Throughout that process, I started songs, I threw them away, I basically occupied my mind with the lyrics."

Lewis, who directed the video, is on tour for the next few weeks. Her performances include stops at the Newport Folk Festival, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands and the Austin City Limits fests.

This will be her first album in six years. The new album is set for release July 29 by Warner Brothers.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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