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anne-cavicchis-biographyAbout Anne Cavicchi of Maternity Corner


Hello! My name is Anne Cavicchi and I am a wife and mother of one wonderful boy and two beautiful step-daughters, as well as a fuzzy little dog named Spot (what can I say, my husband and son named him). I am very fortunate to have a large extended family as well– and must say my favourite thing is getting together with everyone. We are quite a noisy crowd when we are all together, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Anne's Hobbies

Aside from my family, teaching is a passion of mine, be it sharing with expectant or new moms, seniors, or children. I am actively involved in our community by teaching classes at our community college, volunteering at the local schools, and spearheading events like our anti-bullying campaign "Pink T-Shirt Day."

I love to go camping, skiing (both downhill and cross country), cycling, kayaking, and we love to hit a waterpark or two every summer. I often have my camera with me as photography is something I also enjoy. I may share some of my photos and journeys with you on my blog from time to time as well. And of course, there are also just those silly and crazy family experiences along the way that keep life interesting.

About MaternityCorner.com

I also own MaternityCorner.com, an online resource for pregnancy and parenting. I do not call myself a pregnancy or parenting expert, as I am not sure such a thing really exists! The experts often have differing opinions and theories -- who is to say which ones are right? We each know our own families, and often all that is needed is some reassurances, tips and tricks -- that I can definitely help with!

Maternity Corner and Womensforum.com

I hope that through my blog here on Womensforum that we can all learn, share, laugh, and grow. I apologize in advance, as I may stray “off topic” every now and then! We all have so many different interests and facets to our personalities, I couldn’t possibly stick to one topic! Add to that my scattered thought processes, and we have a recipe for some variations! I will endeavor to talk about things that are important to women and families. If there is something you want to know, ask me and if I don't know I will be sure to try and find out! I welcome your comments and questions, and am excited to share my thoughts with you, and I bet we can learn from each other.
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