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Each Moment You Live Today,  Each Choice You Make, Every Thought, Every Deed,  Every Step Will Blaze Your Path, A Path Toward Wisdom and Delightful Aging

Anti-aging is important to each of us today.  In fact it is so important that women spend thousands of dollars per month on creams, Botox, and surgeries to help them look younger.   Looking younger is one small part of the solution.  To actually feel younger and to be in health and sense well-being.  Look deeper than the skin!  Anti-aging Chinese medicine offers women a natural way and a tool to be self sufficient and responsible in taking the steps that will heal and protect you from the wears of everyday toxins and assualts to your physical being, for today and especially for the years to come.  To feel healthy and to look your best, consider the benefits of Chinese Medicine.

Anti-aging Chinese Medicines

There are many different Chinese herbal medicines and other Chinese medical practices that have been proven to help people. The Chinese remedy that works for you may be a combination of things or it may just be one anti-aging practice. There are some Chinese medicines and practices that have been more successful than others; these are the ones that you should try first.

Medical Qigong

One versatile Chinese Medicine is qigong. Qigong is divided into internal and external practices. The internal qi are a serious of exercises dealing with motion and tranquility that can be done in the comfort of your home. Medical studies of the internal qi has reveled that Emei Nei Gong (a qigong exercise) increases anti-aging enzymes in the body. The production of these natural anti-aging enzymes decreases as we get older and this Chinese exercise increases the body's production.

He Shou Wu (known as Polygonum Multiflorum Root)

This ancient herb is often used in anti-aging Chinese medical practices. This herb is said to revitalize your body by making you look better as well as feel better. It is even believed to help your hair by slowing the graying process. This is not a quick fix herb, many people report that it takes up to four months before they start seeing the benefits.


This supurb anti-aging substance is naturally found in red wine and red grapes. It combats the aging process by increasing cardiovascular functions throughout the body. Increasing the body's circulation is like taking years off of the body and the effects can be seen throughout.

Qige Congming

Qige congming is a mixture of herbs and roots that is commonly used in many healing capacities as a historically respected Chinese medicine. The formula was developed to promote blood flow to the brain by increasing healthy functions within the neck. It also helps to maintain hearing and eye sight which tends to decrease as we get older.

Midlife Rejuvenating Tea

There are a couple of different midlife rejuvenating teas used in anti-aging Chinese medical practices. A Chinese healer can develop a tea that is specific to your unique situation. A general herb tea that promotes kidney function, promotes new cell growth, and slows the overall aging process within the body contains five different herbs. These herbs are epimedium, polygonati rhizome, jasmine flower, polygoni multiflori radix, and green tea.

Green Tea

Green tea isn't typically used on it's own for an anti-aging Chinese medicine but its benefits make it a popular ingredient in overall anti-aging herbal treatments. Green tea is used by Chinese healers for cancer, infections (because it builds up the immune system), heart disease, high cholesterol, and rheumatoid arthritis. Combating these diseases can reduce the stress on your body as well as improve overall body health. For some people just reducing stress on the body can decrease wrinkles and slow down the process of graying hair.

There are many different herbs and practices used in the discipline of Chinese Medicine. Everyone ages differently and has different stresses in their life.  It is good to work with a trained professional who understands you and your needs.  One who can assist you in finding the right combination of herbs and exercises for you. As there are many different anti-aging Chinese medicines, you should visit a Chinese healer to get the best advice.  The delightful modality of Chinese healing massage which uses a variety of herbal roots and even edible vegetables as a basis for healing concoctions is another topic you may want to learn more about.

In our youth and middle years, there are so many choices we make not just about health care and medicine, but also nutritional choices that can impact our quality of life as we age.  Be sure to see WomensForum Food and Health Channels for more articles on this topic.

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