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Anti-aging products that are beneficial to your health!

We all want to look and feel younger. Well, what if you could get products that do just that, but are healthy for you at the same time? Whether it's topical products for your face or skin, or ones which help you from the inside out, products like these can minimize the appearance of aging or simply make us feel younger and healthier. 

Andrea Metcalf joined Lisa Bartolucci of Klutch Club to discuss several anti-aging food and beauty products


Anti-Aging Personal Care Products

  • Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist - This mist can be spritzed on your face throughout the day to make you feel refreshed and awake. Bartolucci says, "It brings you back to your morning wake up!" 
  • Crystal Rock Deodorant - This product is great because it doesn't look like your typical deodorant, which makes it easier to carry around. The last thing we want people to notice in our purse is deodorant! Crystal Rock Deodorant is in a stick format and is made from all-natural products!
  • OWN Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser - It's particularly made with moms in mind and meant to be healthy and safe on your skin. It brightens your skin and is sure to help start your day off right. 
  • Seaweed Mud Cellulite Formula - Bartolucci likes to describe this as, "a butt-lift in a bag." This product is imported from Italy and is meant to be applied to your legs and butt to reduce the look and feel cellulite. 

Anti-Aging Foods

  1. Skinny Pop Popcorn - This low calorie popcorn contains 100 calories per bag. Yes, only 100 calories! You can't beat that. It's also high in fiber. 
  2. Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate Bar - This is a great mid-day chocolate fix because it's tasty and the portion size is perfect. 
  3. CocoaVia Supplement - This can be stirred into water, milk or coffee. It's very high in antioxidants which makes for a great anti-inflammation supplement. 
  4. Corazones Blueberry Bar - This is a much healthier bar to the oatmeal square. It's sweet, moist and has no artificial sugar. The sweetness comes from the toffee. 

Products like these are great to throw in your purse or keep in your desk at work. You can feel fresh throughout the day and even indulge in some delicious heart-healthy and high-fiber treats as well. Remember, you don’t always have to break the bank for your anti-aging solutions.

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