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anti-aging-tips-geneticsLook and Feel Younger

Ever wonder how genetics affects the aging process?  Many of us think that there isn't much we can do to stay looking and feeling young because of poor genetics.  But just because we may have been dealt poor genetics doesn't mean we still cant still fight the signs of aging.  In fact, Dr. Oz and Dr. Rozen's use of metaphors explain how the human body ages.  Genetics only accounts for one fourth of our aging potential, whereas treating our bodies and minds right accounts for three fourths of staying young.  Here are ways to understand how to take good care of your body and look younger.

Anti-Aging Tips

  • Picture your body as a large city.  Some cities are vibrant and flowing, while others are dying and looking run down.  Which city would you like to be?  A good city makes repairs when needed and keeps action flowing, despite the geography (your genetics).  Cities age differently based on how they treat their education systems (your DNA), their power plants (your mitochondria), their electrical grids (your brain) and their transportation routes (your blood vessels).
  • Picture yourself as the mayor of the city (your body).  You have the power to balance out the bad genetics by how you take care of the city.  Cities can make repairs and perform upgrades and renewals and we can do the same with our bodies.  As far as longevity goes, only one-third of longevity is linked to genetics, while three-fourths of longevity is linked to our behaviors and how we take care of our bodies.
  • Think of your genes as the physical location of your city.  You cannot change your genetic makeup.  For instance, Chicago is a city that tends to be very windy, something that cannot be changed.  New Orleans has hurricanes and San Francisco is built on fault lines.  Buffalo, NY gets lots of snow.  None of these situations can be changed.  Your genetics make you more predisposed to health related issues, just as Chicago cannot stop the wind and New Orleans cannot stop hurricanes from occurring, nor San Francisco with earthquakes or Buffalo with snow.  But that doesn't mean you cannot protect yourself from your genetic predispositions.  The people in these cities protect themselves when the tendency for disaster occurs.  So why can't we do that with our bodies?

Know your Family History to Help with Aging

Examine your genetic makeup and determine what you need to be looking out for, when it comes to staying healthy.  Is it heart disease?  Is it stroke?  Once you know what your family history is, you can then map out a plan to protect yourself from the potential health hazards and make some lifestyle changes to live a longer life.  Some mantras shared by all people no matter what their genetic makeup, are these:
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose lean cuts of meat, white meat and fish.
  • Get a good night's sleep.
  • Maintain good, healthy relationships and stay social.
  • Exercise your brain by reading or doing crossword puzzles.

We can improve our longevity by recognizing what our genetic weakness's are and adjusting our lifestyles to protect us!

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