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anxiety-disorders-how-you-can-help-your-childIf you think your child has an anxiety disorder, there are steps you can take to help make them better!

The good news is that anxiety disorders are usually very treatable! If you think your child has an anxiety disorder, there are many things you can do to help them, or to help them get the treatment they may need.

1. Talk to Your Child’s Doctor

Since anxiety disorders often have physical symptoms, you may want to take your child to the doctor to rule out other causes for their symptoms. The doctor may also be able to refer you to someone who can provide more help if they feel anxiety is causing the physical symptoms.

2. Talk to Your Child’s School

Many schools have programs to help kids deal with a host of issued they may face. Even if your child’s school doesn’t have anything on site, they may be able to give you names and contact information for someone who can help.

3. See a Counselor trained in CBT

Many people with anxiety disorders benefit from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). A professional trained in CBT can help work through the thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and triggers that cause the anxiety, while teaching coping skills.

4. Support Groups

Some kids will benefit from sharing their experiences with others who are also dealing with anxiety. Your school counselor or your doctor may be able to provide you with more information on groups near you.

5. Medications

There are also medications that can help with anxiety.

6. Self-Help

There are also things you can do on your own, such as ensuring your child gets regular exercise, eats a balanced diet, and has enjoyable times with family and friends.

However, as with any health matter, always talk to your physician with your concerns.

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