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Home Valentine's Day 5 Aphrodisiac Foods You Need For V-Day

5 Aphrodisiac Foods You Need For V-Day

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aphrodisiac-foods-for-valentines-dayLooking for food to get you in the mood this Valentine’s Day? We have some tasty options that will boost the romance well into the evening.

Valentine’s Day can mean a great night on the town at your favorite restaurant, maybe even going out for drinks afterward. For others, it means a night in, cooking an amazing meal with your significant other. Whatever your choice, there are many aphrodisiac foods that can put you in the mood for a romantic evening. Check out our list of favorite mood enhancing foods that are sure to enhance your Valentine's Day well into the evening.


Yum, chocolate! Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a sweet desert to finish off your meal. Just be sure your desert includes chocolate. Inside is a stimulant called phenylethylamine, which makes you feel excited by stimulating neurotransmitters of your brain. Phenylethylamine, combined with theobromine, which is also in chocolate, will give you a natural feeling of excitement, which can contribute to a great mood. Dark chocolate raises your mood even more due to the high levels of cocoa.

Besides the natural mood boosters, chocolate is a delicious food that can make us all feel romantic. Melted chocolate is even better; both can make for a delicious end to the evening.


Okay, most of us know this one but do you know why oysters are such a common aphrodisiac? They are full of zinc which is a testosterone booster in men and boosts libido in women. If you enjoy oysters, you can opt to dine at a seafood restaurant or put oysters on ice and feel your mood elevate. 

Strawberries and Raspberries

Strawberries and raspberries are a double win due to their red color and the fact that you can dip them in yet another mood booster; chocolate. It may be cliché to eat strawberries and raspberries on Valentine’s Day but they are tasty and why refuse a good romance enhancer? Dip them in chocolate and feed them to your love, and add a glass of champagne for a luxurious Valentine's night. 


If you are going to be thinking about any color other than red, think green. Avocados are an aphrodisiac due to the Vitamin E it contains, which helps your body to produce testosterone and estrogen. Both hormones help to get your blood moving and stimulate your sexual responses, making you look at an avocado salad much differently in the future. 

Red Wine

When you are out to dinner or at your favorite supermarket trying to choose a beverage to go with your Valentine’s Day dinner, opt for red wine. Relaxing and delicious, red wine also includes resveratrol which helps your blood flow. The key to your blood flowing is that you will experience better circulation while in any act of romance. 

No matter where you choose to dine, you have many options when it comes to choosing an aphrodisiac food item. Keep these five ideas in mind while ordering or preparing a meal if you are hoping for an extra special evening with the one you love.

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