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Have you ever walked right into a person trying to unsuccessfully move and text at the same time? Or have you been that person who's blocked off the entire walkway and doesn't notice? Well, texting lanes are apparently a thing now... and we can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing. 

Utah University first succumbed to the trend by designating a "texting lane" where texters can drift along absorbed in their virtual conversations while the rest of the people (probably not that many left, to be honest) walk normally in the other lanes. 

4bf69e8a369fc21b790f6a70670049bfPhoto Credit: AP Photo

The neon texting lane was installed to brighten up the staircase and act as a tongue-in-cheek reminder about how obsessed we are with our phones, but apparently a lot of students have been using it!

Do you think texting lanes will be implemented in other universities, or even cities where texting and walking could present an issue? We've definitely got mixed feelings about the trend!

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