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16668-apple-new-products Photo Credit: CNN

On the surface, Apple's latest debut of their hot new products didn't look like much. There was no ground-breaking reveal of life changing technology that we've come to expect from the company, but rather smart and necessary improvements on their existing products.

Tim Cook took the stage on Wednesday, decked out in the tradition Apple CEO garb blue jeans and a black shirt, to unveil new features of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus

Price: $650-750

One of the more unique highlights of Cook's presentation was when he debuted the 3D touch screen for the new and improved iPhone, which is better suited to process pressing and holding on the screen as well as pressure applied to the screen by the user.

The new camera on the iPhone 6S is even better than its previous generation. With 50 percent more pixels than the 6, the 6S provides crystal clear images that can be zoomed in and blown up for printing or sharing on any social network.

They also rolled out some brand new color options like "space gray" and "rose gold." The 7000 series aluminum gives these phones a stronger exterior than their more flexible predecessors.

iPad Pro

16668-ipad-proPhoto Credit: CNN

Price: $799

The new iPad is bigger and better than ever! The 12.9 inch screen rivals that of most laptops, with a much cleaner picture to boot. The screen holds 5.6 million pixels, more than even the 15-inch MacBook Pro. 

The new CPU design has the iPad Pro running 1.8 times faster than its previous model, making playing games or watching movies less taxing on the device and more enjoyable for the user.

The most divisive debut of the night came when Cook announced the Apple Pencil, a drawing tool that Steve Jobs was once strongly opposed to. Despite the Apple fundamentalist outcry, the new tool should make design projects much easier on the iPad, opening the door for new creative possibilities. 

Apple TV

16668-apple-tvPhoto Credit: CNN

Price: $149-199

Apple was one of the first companies to jump on the streaming TV bandwagon and has been an industry leader ever since. The new version of Apple TV come with its own App Store and Siri controls that make losing the remote in your couch cushions a problem of the past. 

Apple TV's new remote features a touch display that allows you to move around with swipes rather than directly pushing buttons. The device also allows multiplayer gaming and inventive new games, which were demoed at the conference. 

You can also watch multiple live games, all while monitoring your social media, stocks, and news updates. 

Apple Watch 

16668-apple-watchPhoto Credit: CNN

Price: $549-1000

Probably the most eye-catching product of the conference came with the Apple Watch, featuring a new, classic look. The watch's band is now available in brown leather, opening the door for fashion conscious Apple fans to rock their favorite companies latest gear in style.

The device was originally released in April, but the company's roll out of new style options should bring in some new users. For now, the watch functions in the same way as the phone, you just wear it on your wrist instead of keeping it in your pocket!

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