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howtoremoveheavymakeupheaderWhether you're headed to a costume party or a night out on the town, follow these tips to treat your skin right when it comes to makeup. 

You might have perfected a routine that works best for you when it comes to daily makeup, but what about those occasions when you decide to go above and beyond?

Heavy makeup comes into play when you want to add a touch of drama to your look or if you need to go a bit avant garde to turn heads. However, more makeup means more care and attention to your skin, so follow these tips for applying and removing heavy makeup.

Before Application

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Many products boast miraculous results, but stick to a product with simple ingredients. You just want a clean and fresh face--no fragrances. It is also helpful to look for a dermatologist-recommended brand.

  • Exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells. Choose an exfoliating scrub that is gentle and has natural ingredients. Also look for a scrub that has small, fine granular particles for smoother results. Use tiny circular motions when applying with your fingertips. After rinsing the scrub away, pat your face and neck dry with a towel, never rub. This could be rough and damaging to your skin.

  • Moisturize with a product that matches up with your skin type, whether it be dry, oily, etc.

  • Use a base primer. This is extremely important for both the look of your makeup as well as creating an even surface to apply on. Do not use too much. Dab the primer in areas where the heaviest makeup will be applied. Once you are complete with prepping a fresh face, apply your makeup! This will work for a simple girls' night out and office party, but also for more extreme makeup to show off around Halloween, costume parties, and even theatrical productions!

Thorough Removal

  • Be GENTLE! Whatever you do, never scrub the makeup away! This damages your skin and can cause breakouts. 

  • Start with a cotton pad and a liquid makeup remover. Try and avoid makeup removal wipes for heavier makeup as you might be tempted to start rubbing the makeup away when it is not as effective. Soak the pad and place it over an eyelid. Gently press along the corners of your eye and this will start to dissolve and remove your eye makeup. If there is still some residue, gently pat away with the pad. Repeat for the other eye!

  • Next use the same liquid remover with another cotton pad and gentle remover any lip color with a small circular motion as if you were exfoliating.

  • Cleanse! The easiest way to remove heavy foundation or even face paint is to use a cleansing oil. Gently work oil all over your face as well as down your jaw and neck. This can be very soothing, so give yourself a facial massage and relax! Rinse several times to remove oil.
  • Moisturize. Pat completely dry and continue on with your regular skincare routine with any moisturizers, lip balms, and creams that you prefer.
  • Having difficulty with glitter? Use scotch tape to press on over the glittery area, and simply remove. How easy!

No matter how tired you are from the wonderful night you had, never skip taking off your makeup! Leaving makeup on too long can irritate you skin and even your eyes if you sleep with excessive mascara and liner.

Take the time to relax and enjoy removing it. Pamper yourself and keep your skin happy with and without all of that makeup!

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