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Mother's Day might be the most wonderful day of the year here at WomensForum. So we're especially excited that our contributor and Fashion blogger Courtney Hawkins (a.k.a. The Simple Glamazon - shared some thoughts about the holiday with us. 

It can’t be easy to be a mother. It’s a thankless job that so many choose, volunteer, or are thrown into doing. Some even choose to be a mother to an entire tribe of children who will destroy her home and worry her until her hair is thin. Can you imagine applying for a job you know is going to be a continuous uphill battle?

Although this job will never have a definitive retirement date, the many rewards are so great that the line to apply will always have a waitlist. Each Mother’s we take time to think about why we love and appreciate our mothers so much - or least we should.

I personally think about who I was as a child and teenager, and want to give her a high-five for putting up with the madness! The three of us; my brothers and I, drove her absolutely crazy with the practical jokes (on her of course), bickering back and forth, and the ‘teenage years’. I don’t think I can narrow the madness down enough to fully convey that period, so I will generalize and say the ‘Teenage Years’.

When I think about what Mother’s Day means to me, I can't help but to identify all the times when I knew she did the best she could. There were nights when great meals were made from few things in the refrigerator and last minute school projects pulled together to receive an A+.

As an adult, I know I don’t tell her often enough how much I love and appreciate what she created. She ignited a fire in me that has been burning bright. I am a strong-willed, creative, quick witted, resourceful, jokester kind if a woman, and it started with her. I am eternally grateful to her for the woman I have become.

This Mother’s Day, why not think about why you love your mother or the person who is a mother figure in your life? And then more importantly, tell them! Look them in the eye and tell them about a time when they made a small impact on you that had a huge impact in your life. I'll bet you a cup of coffee that this will be the best Mother’s Day gift your mom will ever receive.

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