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shutterstock 397838452 CroppedApril and May are the perfect months to start building your garden since the weather is nice enough for many spring flowers to survive and thrive. Use flowers to start out your garden, cover barren areas in your yard or plant them just to bring you smiles since summer is right around the corner. Once frost warnings have passed, get to gardening. Here are the ideal flowers to plant in April and May and tips on how to keep them growing strong all spring long.



Pansies come in all different shapes and colors that thrive in the cooler weather. Grow them for six weeks indoors before transplanting them outside. If you’d prefer to start them in the ground, plant the seeds in the late winter in moist soil about seven to 12 inches apart. Just remember to regularly water them, because they need the attention. Don’t forget to remove dead or faded blooms to keep the rest thriving.



These flowers are usually the first perennials to bloom in the spring. These gorgeous funnel-shaped flowers come in shades of white, blue or pink and many even change colors as they bloom! They need to be placed in at least partially shaded area to thrive, but they can tolerate some sun if you keep up with watering them.

Dicentra Spectabilis


More commonly known as the bleeding heart flowers, always bring that wow factor to any garden. These flowers like moist, rich soil in partial to full shade. But, again, if you don’t have a shady yard, they can thrive in the sun if you live in a cooler climate and keep up watering them. Make sure you protect them from high winds too.

Akebia Quinata

april-showers-Akebia quinata-wiki-media

Akebia Quinata, better known as Chocolate Vines, smell of delicious vanilla or chocolate so having a garden or entranceway filled with this flower is a must! It grows best in the sun but can be in a shaded area. Spring or fall is the best time to start planting these and they desire well-drained soil. If you want to grow the fruits of this flower, it’s best to plant at least two vines to increase the chances of a bloom.

Peruvian Lily


These yellow and orange tall plants do fine in the sun, unless it’s very hot temperatures then they may need some light shade. Make sure to water them regularly and pinch off the dead blooms to keep new ones coming.



These bright flowers look great in any garden. They are pretty easy to care for, but need to be watered regularly and will attract the birds.

Forget Me Not


These sweet baby blue flowers love the spring weather and very wet soil. They like shady areas and make the perfect flower to fill in any dead areas.

Jerusalem Sage


For Jerusalem Sage to thrive, they require medium watering and need a lot of sun. These pretty yellow flowers are especially great for garden beds and borders.

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