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How Do Astrologers Predict Outcomes

Grant Lewi, one of the famous astrologers in American history, wrote that "astrology... maintains a unique and lonely position in human thought.  It is believed in by a number of people who know practically nothing about it; and it is disbelieved in by even more who know absolutely nothing about it.  Of no other art or science can this be said."  He wrote this in his famous book "Astrology for the Millions".  If you think about it, it's a true statement.  Real astrologers make their living based on people believing in what they say, yet most customers can't tell you how they do it.  Some people aren't even sure what astrology is.

For one thing, well trained astrologers aren't the same as psychics or palm readers. An astrologer uses a combination of the position of the planets as well as the sun and the moon on the day of your birth to create a birth chart.  This chart is a representation of the potential journey of your life.  The astrologist then uses the birth chart to show you what to expect in your future.  Real astrology actually uses mathematics, so it is more scientific and technical than other disciplines that practice fortune telling.

These days, it can be hard to find a true astrologer; instead, many people use tarot cards, palm reading or psychic powers in combination with astrology.  Since many people don't really understand what an astrologist does, it is very easy to be scammed by someone claiming to be an astrologist.  The real astrologers go to school and get a degree in astrology.  They also can get certified from one of two different professional astrology organizations, the American Federation of Astrologers or the NCGR - Professional Astrologers' Alliance.  You shouldn't be afraid to ask a prospective astrologer about their credentials, and you should shop around for the best astrologist in your area.

Even though well trained, real astrologers can get a degree and be certified, their word shouldn't be considered absolute.  The birth chart can reveal things about you that are eerily accurate, but at the same time there are going to be things that don't really match your life.  As far as your future goes, they can tell you that a business venture started when you are 35 is going to profitable—and maybe it will be.  The key to the business venture being profitable is your confidence and hard work, not just that an astrologist said so.  On the other hand, your confidence was boosted and you worked harder because the astrologist said the venture would be profitable, so in a way they did help you.

A good astrologer does have a gift for working with numbers and planet positions.  A successful astrologer will have a gift for convincing people that their predications are truths about the future.  In those ways, astrology is an art and can be seen as a gift.  However, their influence can only work if you believe it can.  That belief may be the reason you choose to make confident choices and work hard.  No matter what anyone says, free will and choice ultimately decide your future and only you have control over those aspects of your life.

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