are-toxins-lurking-in-your-mascaraToxins Lurking in your Beauty Products: Case Study: Mascara

The number of toxins we are exposed to daily is increasing with everything from pesticides to chemicals in our food. But have you ever stopped to think if your beauty products are safe? You probably should, especially because the average woman applies 144 chemicals to her body everyday (approx. 12 products a day and the avg. product has 12 chemicals – you do the math).

We buy products without reading the ingredients, and even if we do, who knows the lasting effects of the chemicals used? The Beauty Duo has done the research, with help from EWG’s Cosmetic Safety Database, and has put popular face, hair and body products to the test. Let’s grade a product almost every woman uses: Mascara.

In 400 B.C., Egyptian woman applied natural ingredients like burnt almond, honey, and crocodile stool to their eyelashes to make them darker. In the passing centuries, women have used everything from soot to crushed walnut shells to give their eyes a more dramatic appearance. In 1917, Eugene Rimmel, founder of Maybelline Cosmetics, invented modern-day mascara by combining petroleum and black coal dust.

However, over the years, chemicals have been added to mascara to create effects such as volume, shimmer, length, and curl. And in the process, our eyes have become subjected to some pretty harsh ingredients.

To decipher what exactly we are putting on our eyes in the name of beauty, The Beauty Duo graded two popular mascaras from CoverGirl.

CoverGirl LashBlast Luxe Shimmery Volumizing Mascara received a safety hazard of 9 (out of 10

  • ALUMINUM POWDER: Strong links to neurotoxicity, cancer, and immune toxicity.
  • PROPYLPARABEN: Linked to endocrine disruption, skin toxicity and organ system toxicity.
  • LECITHIN: Strong evidence linking it to immune and respiratory toxicity and neurotoxicity.

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara received a 5 (out of 10)


With these findings, maybe the added effect of shimmer is not worth it. Would you want to put aluminum powder, propylparaben, or lecithin onto your eyelashes? Who knows, maybe the risk of toxicity is worth it to some women.

If you want to go completely natural and chemical-free, check out Coastal Classic Creation’s Whispering Seas Mascara. They are dedicated to developing products without toxic ingredients. This mascara is no exception; it received a ZERO on the safety hazard scale.

We hope you feel like you have a better understanding of the chemicals that can be found lurking in your mascara. Stay tuned as we uncover the chemicals lurking in everyday lotions and hairsprays…
These reviews are in no way sponsored or endorsed by the brands mentioned above. All ratings were formulated from the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database.

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