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are-we-on-a-date-or-just-hanging-out-1Nearly 70% of single people have absolutely no idea if they’re on a date or just “hanging out.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Christianmingle.com and JDate.com recently released survey results that confirm one of our biggest dating nightmares: the line between friends and more-than-friends is not always clear. As much as we wish we could read minds, we cannot. Therefore, it is important to know a couple ways of telling whether or not you are on a date or just having a platonic hangout.

Watch For Physical Signs

It is a good sign if someone does something like put an arm around you or touches your knee. These actions indicate that they are romantically interested in you. On the other hand, if they think of you just as a friend they most likely will touch you in these ways.

Make A Joke About Being On A Date

Next time you hang out try saying something like “my friend text me to have fun on my date tonight”. You will be able to gauge their thoughts very easily by their reaction. If they become uneasy and quickly change the topic, it probably means they do not view your hangouts as a date. If they laugh along and have a positive response, it could mean that they are open to the idea.

On a Date or Just Friends


Pay Attention To Where You Hang Out


If you are doing traditional date-friendly activities such as going out to dinner and seeing a movie, it probably means they are dates. Conversely, if all you do is watch TV together it might (not always!) mean they just see you as a friend to hang out with.

See How They Interact With You Around Other People 

How someone interacts with you around other people, especially their friends, is a good indicator of how they feel about you. If they pay just as much attention to you when it is just you two as when you are in a group, that means they really do enjoy your company.

A lot of people are hesitant to put a label on the time they spend with someone because it may mean that your relationship with them will change. It is very tempting to just keep carrying on with the way things are going with someone and not bringing anything up. However, think of how much it will pay off if they tell you that they do in fact want to date you. In the end, it is not worth the psychological torture to leave it up in the air. 

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