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are-we-safe-in-movie-theatersColorado Shooting Makes Public Question Safety in Public Areas.

Theaters have stepped up security all over the nation in light of the movie theater massacre. AMC has said that they are prohibiting the wearing of masks and fake weapons to any movie debut or premiere. That is a good start. In addition, patrons have said that they would like security cameras placed in movie theaters.

One thing is for certain, going to a movies will never be the same, just like flying on an airplane after 9/11. And like the tragedy of 9/11, different accounts of courage and bravery were shown during the tragic shooting. Friends gave or risked their lives for friends by shielding them with their own bodies. It makes me wonder, how would I have responded had I been there?

How Do Children Handle Violence?

Our children, in particular, may struggle with the tragedy of the movie theater massacre. Many are probably planning on going to The Dark Knight Rises, the PG-13 movie, which has "intense sequences of violence and action." Depending on the age of the child, parents should be cognizant that the child may develop new fears, have nightmares, increased aggression or even separation anxiety. And it's all right if they don't want to go to the movies for awhile, if you ask me. It is our job, though, that if such fears and anxiety arise that we reassure them and try to get them thinking about something else.

A Mother's Thoughts on Violence in the Movies

Does media violence cause us to be violent? Some say "yes", and some "no". As a mother of four, I have seen my boys get more aggressive when they play the X-Box war games. I also think that seeing violence in the media repeatedly, can't help but de-sensitize us to violent acts.

There does not seem to be any "cookie cutter" way to determine who is going to become violent. According to law enforcement, 24-year-old James Holmes only had a traffic ticket and no history of violence.

But something appears to have "snapped" in the doctoral student. The recent picture of him with wild red hair, looking completely drugged up makes me think he is just plain crazy. He snapped. And what's to say there isn't another young man out there who snaps?

Being in a movie theater or any crowd makes us vulnerable. That is why James Holmes was so successful hurting so many people.

In Arizona it is legal to carry a concealed weapon everywhere. I see people frequently with hand guns and holsters here in Arizona. And, I can't help but think if someone had had a gun in the movie theater legally, that the shooter could have been stopped...

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