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Caregiver-for-someoneSigns you are a caregiver and might not be aware of the job title.

According to the Caregiver Action Network, 65 million Americans are caring for a loved one, and some may not even be aware of it. Taking care of loved ones can come with a list of duties and tasks you fulfill without even realizing you’re doing them.

You can be doing things that fall under a caregiver’s job, but because you are caring for a loved one on your own, you don’t consider your the job title. Here are 10 signs you are a caregiver.

You Are a Caregiver if You:

  1. Bath, change, clean, and dress someone.
  2. Administer medicine or aid in providing medical attention.
  3. Make medical, health care, and other appointments for them.
  4. Hire and supervise in-home help.
  5. Remember necessary things as it pertains to someone.
  6. Grocery shop for someone.
  7. Provide transportation for someone.
  8. Pay bills and manage their finances.
  9. Housekeep or do home maintenance for them.
  10. Make the decision about long-term care/residence.

If you surprisingly answered yes to any of the above or assist a loved one, neighbor, friend to where you are depended on, you are a caregiver to someone who must appreciate you.


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