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are-you-a-caregiver-videoCelebrate the nation’s caregivers who sometimes give more than they can afford this November.

In 1997, President Clinton initiated an annual proclamation to give national recognition to caregivers during the month of November. Every president after has also supported November as National Caregiver Awareness Month. There was a need to recognize at least 50 million caregivers in our nation today who spend their days to help someone else live their life.

174189816Who Is a Caregiver?

A caregiver doesn’t just mean assistance to the elderly, but also includes physical and social interaction and support with someone who has a disability, or someone who is aging. Specific caregivers are considered the best option for many families because these trained caretakers are familiar with medicine needs, well-versed in the treatment needs, needs of diet restrictions, and how much exercise the person needs to receive.

Surprising Facts About Caregivers

If a family member is a caregiver, nearly half of caregivers either reduce their working hours at a separate job or must quit to fully attend to the needs of the family member with a disability or aging.

Caregivers, on average, spend over five grand a year using their personal money to make sure the member in need is receiving everything they need to live life fully.

Videos Across the Nation Celebrating Caregivers

President Clinton’s intentions were to encourage community programs and support all caregivers, whether they are family-related or not. Since the proclamation was signed, caregiver appreciation events have flourished all over the U.S. to give a huge appreciation for all caregivers do for our communities.

Caregivers and their best friends they attend to throw a fashion show.

A hilarious speech by Mary Maxwell about why the elderly are thankful for their caregivers.

How do you thank your caregivers for your family? We’d love to hear your stories of gratitude. 

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