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arnold-schwarzenegger-leaves-bad-engergyCould Bad Energy Prevent a Sale? It Can, According to Maria Shriver.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s sprawling estate has been on the market since January after the dramatic Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver divorce. Considering the beauty of the Santa Barbara home, you might think it would be real estate gold. However, the Arnold Schwarzenegger home is having quite the hard time selling. And it’s apparently not because of price, location or any the other usual culprits, at least not if you ask Maria Shriver.

According to her, the “bad energy” Schwarzenegger left in the place is the reason for the selling troubles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Home

The Santa Barbara Ranch Monte Alegro tract is 25 acres and the former power couple paid $4.7 million for it back in 2008. It’s near the Santa Ynez Mountains that are packed with waterfalls, oak trees and ocean views. They privately listed the house for $4.495 million, though no one is showing much interest.

The former Arnold Schwarzenegger wife reportedly just wants to get the sale over with and move on with her life, as it’s one of the last remaining links between her and Schwarzenegger.

However, after the Arnold Schwarzenegger divorce, a source describes the house as having an “albatross around her neck” which is preventing sale. The source revealed that Shriver was planning on building a home on the tract after the split, but being “a very spiritual person,” she decided to sell. Though she just wants was get the sale done, she is getting increasingly frustrated as they are unable to sell.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Troubles

Aside from the Maria Shriver divorce and being unable to sell the house, Schwarzenegger has another trouble to deal with. After a stunt member died on the set of the Schwarzenegger movie “The Expendables 2,” the family is suing. This is bound got throw some bad publicity his way during the movie’s opening week.

Amid all these troubles, the star and former California governor turned 65 on July 30th. If nothing else, Schwarzenegger might take the day off to celebrate.

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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