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3 fun ways to find adventure indoors

When the chill hits the air, and we start to see our breath, the signs are clear that playtime will be heading indoors. Just because the family can't be outside, doesn't mean the fun has to stop. You can find plenty of adventure in your house! You just have to work a little harder to find it, or in some cases create it.

9 things you may not know about jim henson (and his world)

For six decades, the name Jim Henson has been connected to a world of characters that are as rich and diverse as the world we live in.

movie snacks

Not only are there at least 8 ways to flavor popcorn at home, but there are lots of other yummy snacks to consider for movie night... even some healthy ones!


10 memorable quotes from kids’ movies

From childhood classics to modern day favorites, these are 10 of the best lines from children's movies even adults love.

The Science of the sing-along

Who knew memory development and building social skills could be so fun! Play it again, play it again!
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